EPS & EPO molding machine x 16
  EPS products: BoxesPackagingPallets Buoy EPS block


  • EPO products: Electric Packaging (LCD&LED TV panel)


EPP molding machine x 4
  EPP application: Electric Packaging



1. Complete transportation team
2. High efficiency by KURTZ molding machine from German
3. Self-made EPS material
4. High performance inspection equipment
5. Strong development & design ability



Recycled EPS


Recycled EPS can be reduced to 50-60% of the original volume by mechanical compression, or 90% by hot-melt processing. The compressed or hot-melt material may be made into recycled polystyrene particles and used for the manufacturing of clothes racks, photo frames, replaceable hardwood and CD racks, and all kinds of household hardware and stationery.
PS recycled particles are a valuable resource if they are sold to injection molding plants of daily necessities for recycling.
No cleaning or chemical is required and no waster water is produced in the recycling process.